Learn Retention Best Practices

One Touchpoint at a Time


Learn what the best practices are for earning and keeping life long customers, and how to use the tools in your Retention package to implement these best practices. Each touchpoint with the motorist requires your staff to follow a standardized process and be well trained on how to use AutoVitals to follow that process. This takes commitment, but creating life long customers is worth the effort. Let’s get started!


Scheduling an Appointment

Best Practices:

Remind the motorist of declined jobs from the last visit while scheduling an appointment.


Appointment Scheduler

Shop Calendar

Managing No Shows

Tracking Customer Sources

Here’s what you must learn:


Vehicle Drop Off

Best Practices:

Take the time with each customer to set expectations for a smooth visit by making the Drop Off Script the standard operating procedure for this touchpoint. It is critical that your drop off script and procedure include collecting and confirming contact info such as cell phone number and email.


Loyalty Points Program

MyCarVitals Mobile App

Here’s what you must learn:


Vehicle Pick Up

Best Practices:

Establish a Pick Up process that includes using the Pick Up script with each customer. Document the recommended work and declined jobs in the POS before the invoice closes to ensure the customer is reminded of this work. Set expectations for what happens next (what AutoVitals will send them, what your next steps are, and what next steps the customer should take).


Pick Up Script

Thank You Email

Account Activation Email & Online Service Center

Next Appointment Button on TVP

Here’s what you must learn:


Follow Up After Appointment


Best Practices:

Call your customers shortly after the visit to thank them for their business as well as ensure all their needs were met. Plan out what type of marketing campaigns you will run an when they will be sent out at least 1 year in advance to hold yourself accountable to the plan.


Follow Up Calls

Email Campaigns

Here’s what you must learn:


Service Due


Best Practices:

Run call campaigns at least 3 days per week for 30 minutes each day to remind your customers that service is due. It is particularly effective to make service reminder calls shortly after the first and third Monday of the month when service reminders are sent. Approach these calls from the customer’s perspective- you are performing a customer service courtesy by helping them remember to service their car. These are NOT sales calls!


Service Reminders

Service Reminder Calls

State Inspection Reminders

Here’s what you must learn:


Monitoring KPI’s and Shop Maintenance 

Best Practices:

In addition to monthly check ins with your Product Adviser, it is highly recommended that you regularly review your stats on Retention to understand your areas of strength and weakness, and more importantly formulate and execute a plan to improve. You can’t improve what you don’t measure!


Monitoring Retention Trends

Managing Reviews

Vehicle and Driver Directory

Here’s what you must learn:

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