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Existing SmartFlow user and New to Protractor?

Or vice versa?


Other than traditional PoS software, Protractor is hosted on the web, so no software installation is needed on your local server for the integration. For setup please follow the instructions in the Protractor – AV Integration Configuration. 


All SmartFlow and CRM features work just fine. See below how easy and fully integrated both products work together.

  • No SmartFlow Add-On needs to be installed. Once you have imported service packages from protractor (automatically done overnight) and configured as recommended actions on your inspection sheets, you are ready to go. Once the inspection results show up on the TVP, pressing the button “Update SF Add-On” on your work order pop up (Today’s Vehicles Page)

    will make the following elements appear on your work order in Protractor:
  • VIN, odometer, Licence Plate (as long as they are not empty)
  • inspection results appear as the first job on the work order (see image below), including a hyperlink to the results.
    In addition, the service packages including labor rates as configured will be added to the work order. see below an example

    In order for the service advisor to distinguish between manually added service packages and automatically added ones, our software adds the “Added by AutoVitals SmartFlow” as a subtitle as seen in the image above..
  • For protractor users, who got accustomed to seeing the inspection results in Protractor results, but without images and videos of the inspection, please check out this easy to use best practice. No inspection results will get lost since the hyperlink will always point to the inspection results, which are copied over in addition to your Gmail google drive you configured at setup (see here for more information on setting your Gmail account to store inspection results).
  • Tech notes on job lines will be added to the footer of the service package as shown in the image below
  • Inspection results are added when recommended actions appear on the work order as service packages (see image below)
  • The integration with Protractor on the CRM side is as easy as any other CRM integration. Deferred work (declined jobs) will be detected and sent as recommendations with service reminder emails and text messages.
  • Recommendations as known from other PoS are not supported.
  • NOTE for all Protractor and existing AutoVitals clients switching from another PoS:
    • Declined Jobs and Recommendations from other PoS software will NOT be imported in Protractor by Protractor and AMS. AutoVitals will make sure these will be preserved on the AutoVitals backend if and only if the RO# are kept from the previous PoS. Then AutoVitals will email/text them to your existing customers until they visit your shop. Then the recommendations and declined jobs will be purged from the reminders.
    • The service reminder sets internal to Protractor will be supported as soon as Protractor offers a software interface to receive the sets.

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