Although Google has stopped aggregating third party reviews (see here for why it happened), reviews have not lost their power. The opposite is true.
In addition to showing reviews augmented with stars on the Google Places listing, reviews can help local businesses to dominate search results.
AutoVitals is tapping Google’s ability to find relevant content on the website we have created for our clients and let Google feature their content, which matches the keyword sequence searched.
In other words, depending on what is searched, Google features different content from a website authored with AutoVitals’ WAT (Website Authoring System).
Lets assume we look for ‘BMW Repair Goleta” (Goleta is a city with 20,000 drivers). The image below shows how Top Shop dominates that search with its Google Places listing and website, AND highlights what content has been picked up by Google from the home page to be featured for the “BMW Repair” search.

Now lets look at a different search: “Mercedes Repair Goleta”. Again Top Shop dominates Page #1, and looking more closely you can see that Google picked up different content, which matches the search for Mercedes Repair.


Placing valuable and relevant content on your website and updating it on a regular basis is important to not only educate your website visitors, but to get on page #1, and dominate it.

Happy dominating.


Use the AutoVitals Website Authoring System to dominate search on Google.