The beauty about local search is how tangible it can be if you incorporate information about local circumstances.
If you think of the standard sales funnel (below), you already have pretty concrete numbers about your market potential.

Let’s take a close-up view of the 2,000 to 4,000 searches in your area. Does your web presence captures all it can, or even a fair share? First and foremost, your internet presence will simply not perform if it is not on Page 1. But there is another reason why you may be underperforming online: the commuting pattern of your prospective customers. Your search strategy is broad and encompasses a greater service area of Anywheretown, USA, and yet it still doesn’t yield the expected results.

Well, you can just switch to a better Search Optimization (SEO) provider and website designer and start over, right?

Hold your high-horsepower engines for a little bit, hope is not a strategy.

The image below segments searching motorists – the highest potential of losing the share being the red pie segment. Those motorists don’t find it convenient to get to the business location and will select a different business.



So it becomes clear the importance of targeting motorists outside the obvious business location area. But how do we cover the entirety of prospective customers? And what if the commuting pattern opens area that are not obvious? What if local commuter trains offer the opportunity to drop the vehicle in the morning, and then take a train and pick up the vehicle in the evening?

Check below an area near Sacramento with the top five zip codes where existing customers of this shop live. They are marked with the % values of the existing customers. In addition, three of the zip codes feature the age profile, number of drivers, and median household incomes.




  • What zip codes are most compelling for the shop to reach out to and why?
    If we have learned anything, we know it is not necessarily the zip code where the shop is located. It is the zip code where motorists can easily drive to work or back, and have the income level and internet usage best for the shop to leverage.


And have you noticed that people living north of the business location don’t seem to visit the shop.
Using your existing records of Year Make Model visits and zip codes for your existing customers will make the selection of the best local search strategy as precise as possible so you get the best value.