SmartFlow EditorType Ahead and Let Vehicle Types Appear

Every second counts when adding or modifying vehicle and customer information.

We have added two new features

  • to unify how a vehicle is added (if SmartFlow is not integrated with your PoS) and
  • to edit vehicle characteristics.


Adding a vehicle is achieved by clicking the ‘+’ sign in the upper left corner of the Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP). You can then add all the vehicle and driver information. If the customer or vehicle is already known to the system, you can use certain fields to easily find an existing customer or vehicle. These fields are marked with numbers in the image below. Once you start typing all existing customers/vehicles are listed in addition to other important existing information, e.g., the first name and phone number when searching for the last name. See the image below for more details.

vehicle editing

Once a vehicle shows up on the TVP, the vehicle data are not always complete or uniquely identified. The new little icon featuring a vehicle with either green marker or a red flashing ‘+’ sign indicate what you can do.

If it is flashing, you need to add more or modify existing information. Below are two examples.

  1. The vehicle VIN decodes more than vehicle type and you ought to select the right one in order to get the right service recommendation and overall have the correct information saved. The image below shows how you can select the correct vehicle type from a list of options.
    list of vehicle types
  2. The VIN is either wrong or the vehicle is so old that the 17 digit VIN convention had not been established yet. Then you either correct the VIN or start typing Year, Make and Model out. Make and Model use a type ahead feature for fast editing.
    invalid vin