Announcing AutoVitals and ATI Strategic Alliance

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Watch the webinar to hear what Bryan Stasch, Vice President of Product at ATI, Uwe Kleinschmidt, CEO and Founder of AutoVitals, and Mike Bennett, ATI Coach and AutoVitals’ user, have to say about how the strategic alliance can benefit your shop.


The Digital Shop platform you love and the business coaching you trust have joined forces to progress AutoVitals’ commitment to revolutionize the automotive industry and provide shops with the tools necessary to meet the challenges of the highly digitalized world. The strategic alliance aligns ATI coaching principles and AutoVitals’ web based tools to engage customers holistically. Mutual clients of AutoVitals and ATI will be able to improve shop operations and marketing effectiveness by record highs, clients have become accustomed to celebrate double and triple increases in results.

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Press Release

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Web Page

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