How does an inspection audit help you? 

Inspection Audits are a perfect way to take your digital inspection results to the next level. Achieving a high inspection rate, and inspection sent rate are only a part of the equation to improving customer satisfaction, approval rates, and increasing your ARO. The next step is to make sure your digital inspections contain the information and images necessary for your customers to make educated buying decisions. This is where the quality of the images, notes, captions, and overall presentation come into play. 

How often should you conduct an audit of your inspection results?

AutoVitals recommends completing an inspection audit of 2 randomly selected inspections per staff member per pay period or once every 7 days in a weekly meeting. Infrequent audits going too far back in time don’t help with the continuous improvement that digital inspections allow you to achieve. Tying the audit process to your pay period also enables you to incentivize and create bonus structures that take inspection results into consideration. 

AutoVitals Inspection Audit Page – How it Works

To access the Inspection Results/Audit Page from your Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP), click on your menu on the left and click to expand “Inspections” and then click “Inspection Results/ Audit Tech/SA”

From there you will have the option to search by inspection date, repair order number, vin number, and tech/SA.

Digital Inspection Audit


Select the “Audit SA/Tech” submenu of the Inspection menu item and select the time frame and tech or SA you want to audit the inspection images of. From the main list you will see the ratings for the inspections for completed audits.


  • If you do not select a particular staff member from the “AUDIT TECH/SA” drop down, you will not see the “Last audit” column with ratings.
  • The Audit tool allows you to rate each Tech and SA separately, even if they shared the same inspection. This allows you to make different notes relevant to the SA or the tech.

Digital Inspection Audit

Click on any inspection to open a specific inspection result.

  1. Click to rank the quality of images and captions (or the lack thereof)
  2. Leave a written assessment to be stored with the inspection result for future reference
    Audit Digital Inspections

The overall inspection rating will be an average of all your ratings.

AutoVitals Recommendation for Rating Inspection Results 

Inspection results and images should make it clear to the customer what the issue is, what needs to be done about the issue, and why the customer should perform the service today. For that reason we recommend awarding a point for each of the following on an image:

    • 1 point when the image is well focused and lit
    • 1 point when an arrow or circle tells the customer where to focus on the image
    • 1 point when the caption indicates what the image is of (name of system or component)
    • 1 point when the caption explains what needs to be done about it (service needed)
    • 1 point when there is a reason to buy today (why the customer should perform the service)
      • The reason should incorporate safety, comfort, or dependability

Important Considerations:

  • Do not rate images that are not shown to the customer (they will be marked as not shown to the customer with an “x” in the top right of the image icon).
  • Although you are rating images, take into consideration the entire topic. For example, if there is no recommended action noted for a particular topic, but the image show something that needs immediate attention, you should remove points from that image for the lack of completion on the topic.

More Information

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