I was very excited when Google launched Boost Ads; it helped everyone whom did not want to take the driver’s ed of navigating the complex Ad-Words interface.

Wish to have your business show up high on Google? Simple, just select the categories you want to show up for:

and a few clicks later it worked.

Simple and straight forward – isn’t that what we all wanted?

Well, hmm, sort of…

Let’s take a look at how it works. Google simply uses the Ad-Words channel to preselect keywords for the categories you selected and start featuring those keywords for your shop. Go to your Ad-Words campaigns and you’ll see these pre-defined campaigns, like  the one below

Then take a look at your keywords and sort by the ones with the most clicks. You might find the one below:

You can also look at your Boost dashboard and check the most looked up keywords there:

Wait a second, I did not want to sell auto parts, I am offering auto repair services! And ‘limo’? What the heck?! I don’t offer limo services!

So I am paying $120.97 per month for something I don’t want to advertise for? Alright hold on, let’s just go into the keyword list and un-select those keywords. Easy, right?


Tisk, tisk, is Google clever or just plain greedy?

You decide.

My best advice is to open a limo service and start selling auto parts. Seriously? Yes, sort of….

As always, be there or be triangle.

Uwe (Oova)

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