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Design and send your own email templates

Communicating with Your Customers Made Easy

With the ability to add custom photos, text, hyperlinks, and appointment request, you can easily create a professional looking email to your customers in minutes.

This blog post reviews how to build the email, once your audience has already been selected. Read this blog post to learn about how to select your audience for the campaign.


Special or Custom?

The first thing you will need to decide about email is whether you will be using our email builder or creating your own email template from scratch. Most types of email campaigns shops want to send can be used with our email builder, so likely you will want “Special”. If you find our email builder is too limiting for your needs, then choose “Custom”. This will allow you upload your list of recipients into Mailchimp and design your email there.

special or custom


If you choose “Custom”, the instructions you need to follow will immediately pop up. The important thing to remember is that all you will be doing in AutoVitals when using “Custom”, is selecting the audience. When you hit “Update Recipients Lists”, your list of customers will be sent to your MailChimp account. Then just log into MailChimp with the credentials provided and build your email. Should you want design services in crafting a custom email, contact your Product Adviser for information and pricing.


There are three “sections” the email; Newsletter text and image 1, Coupon, and Newsletter text and image 2. Just check/uncheck a section to include it in your campaign. You can use any combination, like include all sections, or just the Newsletter text and images but not the coupon,or just the coupon etc.

Be sure to use the View Email button to see what your email will look like when including or excluding a specific section.

  • Newsletter text part 1. This allows you to add a text and image to the top of your email.

text part 1

You can edit the text by clicking the Edit button. Here you will see an option to Insert Link. Use this to create a hyper link, for example you might want to send a link to a video about the role a timing belt plays in the car:

insert link



  • Coupon. If you choose to include the coupon section, you select from a library of backgrounds with a text overlay on top of it to create your coupon.




  • Newsletter text part 2. This is identical to Newsletter Text Part 1 and allows you to add a text box and photo to the end of your email.

part 2


We highly recommend you include the link for customers to request an appointment when sending out the campaign. There will be very few exceptions to this, since the goal of almost every campaign is to generate appointment requests.

You can also select the signature that will be used at the end of the email. Either choose a pre-selected option, or create a custom one.


What about the subject line?

The default subject line of your email campaign if you use the Special template is: A Message from *Your Shop Name*

If you would like to change it for any email campaign, or for all email campaigns going forward, please contact your product adviser BEFORE you send the campaign.

Let’s explore with the email body will look like.

All Sections Included

In this example email, we are using all three sections. If you include all (text and image 1, coupon, and text and image 2), the email will look like this:

all sections included



No Coupon

In this example, we have only included Text and Image 1 and 2. The coupon in the middle has been excluded.

no coupon


Now that you are happy with the look of your email, let’s decide when it will go out.

Choose the date the campaign should be launched. If you wish to repeat sending the campaign (to the same audience) check the Repeat box and select number of times to repeat. Then select the days the campaign should be sent after the initial launch date.

config send date and mode

We are ready to hit the big red button now!

Here is what you will see on the Launch Campaign tab

launch campaign


If you currently have a campaign in progress, you will instead see ‘Stop’ instead of ‘Launch’ for the red button. Hit stop to halt the campaign from sending.

stop campaign

To save the email template you created for later, just enter a name for the template at the bottom of the step called “Write the message to your customers”

save email

Next time you go to design an email, you can select your email template at the beginning of “Write the message to your customers”

select email template



Best Practice




It is highly recommended that your shop plan out the next 12 months of email marketing campaigns on a calendar. Plan out what specials or marketing events your shop is going to execute this year and decide when you’re going to send them. It is easy for time to fly by and for your busy life to get in the way of a planned and well thought out marketing plan. Contact your Product Adviser should you need assistance coming up with ideas but. Here are a few to get you started

  • Air Conditioning Special when your region starts to heat up
  • Tax Season Special
  • Back to School
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Monthly/Quarterly Car Care Tips, especially if your shop does not run promotions


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