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What is a Centroid?

A key factor in your Local SEO and Web Presence

When motorists are searching for your shop, Google considers a number of factors in deciding who to display in it’s local search results, more commonly known as “the map pack” or “the three pack”.

One of the most important factors is where Google considers the centroid of your search in relation to the physical location of the searching motorist. Google defines centroid as the center of the relevant industries (in our case, automotive repair and service).

In practice, Google’s perception of a centralized location for auto repair shops could be completely different than that for pizza shops, and neither might be located anywhere near the center of the city listed in your postal address. Read on to find out how AutoVitals takes advantage of this to maximize the number of quality internet leads driven to your shop through Google search.

Current Process

Currently, most web presence providers will simply promote you in the city of your postal address, without delving into specific and unique approaches to capture motorists at located at various distances from the centroid. This leaves a large potential customer base untapped, and available for acquisition by another shop in the area.

Non-specific and generic location content, single-location search strategies, and a lack of an ongoing analysis and optimization system are some of the major negative practices we currently see in the industry.

Solution & Best Practices
Motorist Demographic and Search Location Profiling

Upon signing up with AutoVitals Web Presence, your design team will ask you to complete a business profile survey. The information gathered in this survey includes target motorist demographics, radius of service, and other questions that allow us to better align with your shop’s business goals.

Then, our SEO team performs a comprehensive location analysis to see which subsets of the service area (like townships or neighborhoods) will be most effective to target.

Last, public city census and administration records are analyzed to complete the picture of the area’s customer landscape. This gives us a clear path towards creating an SEO and Design strategy that will maximize the quality and number of leads from each targeted location, no matter their distance from the centroid.

Designing a Tailor-made Search Experience

Once the keyword strategy has been approved by the shop, we begin a content development process that results in a unique and tailored search experience for each targeted location.

Great care is taken to ensure that the motorist’s takeaways from their search and website experience are local familiarity and trustworthiness, as well as subject expertise, no matter their location relative to the search centroid. All of the information you provided us during onboarding is key in producing this level of engagement with your potential customers in each location. This includes consistent ranking on page 1 and in the map pack for each promoted location and having individual landing pages custom-built for each location to complete the tailored experience.

Analysis and Preventative Maintenance

AutoVitals loves data, and we have an abundance of it when it comes to your web presence. Ongoing monitoring of individual and aggregate keyword ranking, local listing and website traffic, engagement based on location and search phrase, phone call analysis – all of these tools and many more allow us to maximize the return your SEO strategy.

Just as importantly, it enables us to proactively respond to the ongoing changes Google makes to it’s own centroid and ranking algorithms.

Our goal is to take care of the nitty gritty details of managing location promotion and your SEO strategy so that you can focus more on the decisions that make you money.


Quantified Benefits

Implementing an SEO strategy that maximizes the return on each searcher’s individual location and distance to centroid has a couple major benefits:

  • Increase Number of Leads – Better engage with untapped market segments that run-of-the-mill SEO strategies routinely miss.
  • Better Quality of Leads – With content that targets each type of searcher in your market, see your calls about part sales and price-shopping slow to a trickle. Spend more time with motorists likely to become lifetime customers.

These benefits are quantified into easy-to-digest trend graphs and reviewed with you on a regular basis. With this information, you and your advisor can make precise and impactful decisions about how to best improve and utilize your web presence.

Additionally, our approach helps us uncover specific customer demographics that may respond better to different types of engagement – for example, the local university students will be looking for a much different search experience than the nearby software company’s staff. AutoVitals works with you to identify these potential high-value market segments and develop tailored internet marketing strategies to capture them.

TopFuel - Extend the Reach of Your Web Presence Like Never Before

AutoVitals created the TopFuel web presence product as a New Customer Acquisition strategy that would meet some of our shops’ goals for rapid growth and completely dominant market position. Through an intensive research and development process, we came up with a web presence solution that utilizes some of the strategies described above to create the most powerful automotive-specific internet marketing solution available.

Interested in taking your web presence to the next level? Find out more here.

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