Point of Sale (PoS) Server Modification Guidelines

If you are going to be switching to a new PoS vendor or upgrading your PoS to a newer database technology (i.e. moving from an Access to a SQL database), your new software provider MUST transfer service history from the previous PoS. Then, please submit a ticket once the new PoS is in place so that we can begin the re-installation. A change in PoS software will always result in a 3-5 day re-installation process and a subsequent $250 setup fee.

 But wait, the change of SERVER fee can be avoided!

    In order to avoid the setup fee, make sure to have the new computer name exactly match the original PoS server name. If the new server name matches the original name, then our setup process is much simpler and we can have your shop back up and running within the same day!

Here are two methods of locating the computer name:


  1. Open a file explorer, right click on “Computer” or “This PC” and select “Properties”
  2. Open Start menu, right click on “Computer” or “This PC” and select “Properties”




System Screenshot

  *For older machines, here are Microsoft’s instructions on how to change a server name:

Microsoft: Renaming the Computer 

For ANY changes mentioned above,  it is important to submit a ticket (report a problem) with the details via Today’s Vehicle Page or Smart Flow app. This helps us identify what changes occurred and what the method is best to get your shop back up and running.

Reporting a Problem from TVP