Submit a Ticket and Get An Immediate Response

Today’s Report a Problem button is the fastest way to ask questions or report an issue you encountered. We have added another feature set to create direct feedback from tech support so you can

  • be asked for more details in a conversation directly on the SmartFlow screen (instead of email) and
  • we get your confirmation that the problem you reported has been fixed or a question is answered to your satisfaction

This feature set will improve the communication with you and your staff and helps us to track our success rate in supporting you better. Lets check out how it works in the image below:


As usual you use the Report a Problem button to submit your question or problem description (1). If our tech support has a follow up question for you or wants you to confirm the solution, a message button appears indicating the number of conversations open (2).

Clicking on the conversation button shows you the ticket description and the question by tech support for each open conversation. Let’s assume a ticket has been submitted and our technician Carlos Benitez is asking a question. It could look like this:

The header repeats the ticket description (1) and the question by Carlos is highlighted in the center. Your response (2) will be submitted by pressing “Reply”.


Carlos then solves the ticket and you are asked to confirm the solution (1) or let us know whether the problem against all odds still exist (2).

Reporting a Problem from the Tablet

In case technicians want to report a problem, they have the same ability as the service advisor. In the image below you can see how clicking the question mark button gets you to the help section. Tapping here as the image below indicates, takes you to the tablet email app. Just describe the problem and the ticket process as shown above applies.