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Track Tech Notes and Educate Customers

Techs and Service Advisors both leave notes on jobs, pictures and videos to inform shop staff and customers about their findings.

This feature has been reimplemented to manage when both techs and SA edit notes at the same time and to allow the shop owner, manager or foreman to audit tech notes and train best practices.

Technician Enters Notes On the Tablet

The notes icon appears in a few locations: the inspection topic, job, image or video, tapping on the notes icon opens an edit field like the one below, where a note can be created. This happens by either typing or using  the speech-to-text feature built into tablets and phones.

smartflow customer notes

Note that the ‘zzz’ feature is still being offered for compatibility reasons

  • all text is for shop eyes only,
  • text after ‘zzz’ (in the image above it is “separates it from the remaining text”) is for customers’ eyes.
Service Advisors Review and Define What Customers See

For compatibility reasons the ‘zzz’ feature is supported, so all words show up in the tech notes field, and the words after ‘zzz’ show up in the customer notes field automatically.

If you don’t use ‘zzz’ anymore (as recommended), the following setting manages the behavior of the customer notes


with this setting (which is on by default), all tech notes will be automatically copied over to the customer notes. See on the image below: At all times, no matter how often the technicians added new information on the tablet for the same topic/job/image/video, it will show up in the Tech Notes field (1), it appears also in the Notes for Customer field (2), and a timestamp gets added (3).

notesThis behavior changes when either

  1. The setting is set to ‘No’ or
  2. The service advisor has made edits to the customer notes field (they can’t edit the Tech notes field)

Then the automated copying stops and the service advisor will use the copy button to copy/paste the last entry by the tech into the customer notes field to avoid race conditions of edits by both the tech and the service advisor.

If the service advisor wants to add comments to the tech notes (the tech notes themselves can’t be modified by the service advisor) then the Comment button can be used as the image below illustrates:

sa comments

Hitting the comment button (1) allows editing the comment (2), and gets added to the comment field reserved for the service advisor.

Current Process

Currently, Technicians and Service Advisor see duplicate entries to avoid race conditions and the service advisor is forced to post-edit all notes.

Best Practice

Configure SmartFlow so that tech notes are not automatically copied to customer notes. Establish the best practice of service advisors reviewing the tech notes and copy/paste as well as modifying the message to the customer.

Quantified Benefits

Motorists approve over 50% more jobs, where images and videos have been annotated.

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