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Thank You For Coming In! See You Next Time!

Once again, the importance of executing a great customer experience will set you apart from all the other repairs shops your customer could have given their business too. This SHOULD NOT be a simple payment transaction. Do not sacrifice vital conversation because of a time crunch. Use their time at the counter wisely, and you will have a customer for life.


Why is the Pick Up conversation Important?

The purpose of this script is to assist the advisor with creating an atmosphere of trust, ensuring the customer that they made the best decision, investing in their vehicle (not having “buyers remorse” the moment they leave), and effortlessly scheduling the next appointment. Don’t let your customers slip away! Use this script or follow the bullet points to ensure you’ll never again have a missed opportunity of a full schedule (and full shop)!

Watch this video to see an example of the Pick Up Script in action:


Welcome Back!

Just like at drop off, it is important to put effort into letting each customer know you acknowledge them and are happy they have come in.  

***After customer has walked through the door…(NOTE: If you are currently dealing with a customer when another walks in, make eye contact with them, smile, and say “Hi _____, give me just a few moments and I’ll take care of you! You may use your own variation of words, but never yell, ignore, or lack eye contact.) “Hey ________! How are you doing?! Come on in!”

***Take a few moments to be personal. Ask about kids/pets if you haven’t already this visit. Use the customer interaction notes to document (for future reference), and/or follow up from a conversation held at drop off or upsell Bring up something they enjoy (current events, movies, food)- DO NOT talk about the weather!

You can add customer interaction notes (which are private to the shop, customers will never see these) from the Today’s Vehicle Page. Click Next Appointment when the vehicle is in the Pick Up Step > Pencil button

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Review today’s visit

Okay,  _______, I have your invoice all ready. Looks like you brought it in:

***EXAMPLES (use italicized phrases)

For an oil change, and we got that all taken care of for you.

Because your pesky Check Engine Light came on, but great news! We were able to solve your problem, and your _______ is running great!

For those fluid services we recommended. Give yourself a pat on the back for keeping your vehicle in tip top shape, and preventing those unexpected breakdowns by getting that maintenance done!”

“Everything we performed on your vehicle today is backed up by our awesome (nationwide) warranty,_______months or _________ miles!

Remember, if anything abnormal occurs within that time, we have you covered!” ***SMILE! “Alright, parts, labor, and tax comes to a total of $________”

***Complete payment transaction, and print out invoice.

***IMPORTANT: Go around the counter, and bring the invoice between you and the customer. Don’t let a large counter be a barrier!

“Let’s quickly go over what we performed today…”

***Go through the jobs performed (you may be brief and cluster several jobs together. No need to state each price for the repair, or at the end.)

***Fold up the invoice in thirds and tuck into a sleeve (if you supply those), or hand it to them with any warranty literature, or maintenance brochures.


Tell them what happens next

If you want this customer back, it is crucial that you spend that time and make sure they know what to expect next and what they need to do. This plants the seeds in the customer’s mind that their relationship with you is going to continue after they drive away. It also makes it far more likely they will respond in a desirable way when you send them requests for reviews and service reminders. “Last but not least, our system is showing you’ll be due for your next oil change and recommendations on ___/___.

“We will send you a service reminder email around (due date) letting you know it’s time to come back in again”

(see the next tab if your shop does exit scheduling)

“Later today, we will send you a quick thank you email, it would mean a lot to us if you could take a minute to let us know how we did.”

You will also get an invitation to set up your service center account so you can:  -Access your service history and recall info -Redeem your loyalty points and schedule appointments -Review your upcoming work needed -Edit your personal and vehicle info

You’re all set ______! Here are your keys, and your vehicle is located _________.” “Thank you for your trust in us!”


REMEMBER: The jobs that the service adviser is telling the customer are needed for next time must be documented in your POS before the invoice closes. This way AutoVitals will reinforce the service advisers’ message in our thank you email and service reminder. Learn how with POS specific instructions here

Exit Scheduling

If your shop exit schedules, instead of telling the customer when they are due next, you will need to confirm an appointment date and schedule the appointment.

You can schedule the next appointment in two clicks at the end of the visit using the Next Appointment button (this is also where you verify the due date if you do not exit schedule). Learn how to do this by checking out the last tab, called Verify Due Date or Prebook next Appointment, in this article 

Summary of Script

Here are the bullet points of what needs to be communicated:

  • Acknowledge every customer
  • Greet Customer
  • Be Personal
    1. “We got that all taken care of for you”
    2. “We were able to solve your problem”
    3. “Prevented unexpected breakdowns by performing maintenance”
  • Explain Warranty
  • State the Total
  • Invoice Overview
  • Schedule Next Appt, or Review work to be Done at Next Appt and Due Date
    1. Include Oil Change
    2. Include Declined Work
    3. Include due/future OEM Recommendations
  • Enter declined work/Recommendations into POS
  • Prepare customer for Service Reminder Email
  • Thank You email and ask for review  
  • Salutations

Current Process

Without following a standard pick up process, the customer does not know what to expect next and is therefore much less likely to behave as you want them to (leave a review, come back in on time, etc). When the service adviser gets busy, shortcuts will be taken and some customers will not get the attention and service they deserve.

Best Practice

Just like the drop off script and process, it is highly recommended to standardize the process at Pick Up so that each customers is given the same level of care and attention. By building muscle memory of this script through role play, your service advisers will be able to ensure that all customers are given the correct and complete information at pick up. Invest the time to role play with your service advisers so that when they are under the gun, they are still able to perform and follow the process.



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