Service reminders are sent out to remind motorists of due or overdue services based on archived declined jobs in the Point of Sale software and on other settings.

The new AutoVitals service reminder design allows to tailor the message to the motorist and lists the services on the appointment page for the motorist to explore and select.

See below a sample service reminder email and what part of the email can be tailored and where in AutoVitals this option is located.

service reminder

The image shows a call to action “Review and use your Points” in the case when motorists have accumulated enough Loyalty Points to use them for a discount on the invoice value or even to pay with points for services. In case not enough Loyalty Points are available or the Loyalty Point Program is not enable the call to action is “Review our Recommendations”.

Check below a short video on how the service reminder leads to the appointment page on a desktop or mobile browser.