The Digital Shop®

  • Going Digital is more than using a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) product

  • The Digital Shop® Talk Radio airs instructions every week

  • The sections below include recording and infogram for each episode

1. Let’s look at a typical timeline for the transition from Paper to Digital

Win Them Over by Managing Expectations


2. Let your Staff know about the difference between Paper and Digital

Improving ARO One Process at a Time Ep 72

3. The Amazon Rule empowers motorists to approve more work

Digital SA’s Do More In Less Time Ep 73


4. Service Advisors stay at the counter, Technicians at the vehicle

Why Your SA Will Need A Gym Membership Ep 74


5. A Production Manager enables more roles in the shop to hone their skills

Unlocking Success With Effective Task Managers Ep 75



6. Guided Mode benefits and best practices on TVP.X

Gaining Consistency and Time With a Guided Approach Ep 76


7. Using data to drive profit

The Profitable Possibilities of Data in the Shop Ep 77



8. Enabling your Service Team to accomplish more tasks

How to Stop Dropping the Ball Ep 78



9. How to implement and stay consistent

How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks Ep 79



10. How to implement and stay consistent

Using Digital Tools to Maximize Shop Efficiency Ep 80