I am happy to announce that AutoVitals.com went to the best and most trusted shop in town and received a Tune-Up. We have taken this step to create a platform for collaboration among all of you who care about this industry and experience the impact of  the internet as liberating and rich with opportunity.

We’d like to invite you to review our AutoVitals University approach, which gives everyone the ability to participate. You can be an AutoVitals client or not, we welcome everybody, who likes to learn and share. Please explore our site and stay tuned for more exciting extensions.

Dear AutoVitals clients: Creating the new website required us to move your dashboard to shop.autovitals.com. All bookmarks, icons on your dashboard and links are still working. All you need to do is logging on again with your user name and password. Thank you for your understanding.

Uwe Kleinschmidt