If you have SmartCheck, it’s important to freeze the work order when you are estimating jobs so that techs don’t start working on any unauthorized work. It’s easy and you can do it with the click of a button!


Freezing the work order

Click on the + special marker holder, click ‘Estimate and Approval”, and then the work order will be frozen!

Freezer 2

Unfreezing the Work Order

Unfreezing the work order is just as easy, just click on the special marker again, and it will ask you what jobs were authorized. Click all of the unauthorized ones, and you’re good to go!

freezer 3

Current Process

If you are not freezing the work order during the estimate process, techs can see the jobs and start working on them, even if you haven’t gotten customer approval yet.

Best Practice

By freezing the work order, you can add all of the estimates, and then when you get notice of what got approved you can easily check them off and unfreeze the work order so the tech can start working on the vehicle.

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