communicationInspection Result not Sent Yet? Hurry Up!

Would you like to know whether an inspection result has already been emailed to the motorist without leaving the Today’s Vehicles Page?

Would you like to preview the inspection result just like the motorist will see them on their desktop or smartphone?

Would you like to be able to craft a message template to your customer for sending pick-up notification and inspection results?

Then check out our latest update in SmartFlow V2.0!


New Indicator for Inspection Results

SmartFlow email indicatorAn additional indicator shows the service advisor whether an email has already been sent.

The service advisor knows now at a glance by looking at the vehicles in “Waiting on Approval” whether all customers have received the inspection results.



Preview of the inspection result

The Customer Name link on a vehicle tile on both the Workflow View and Techview opens the communication pop up to email and text to the customer. There are two more ways to accomplish that.

  1. Click on the right tab on a open work order resembling a vehicle tile and click the customer name
  2. In the search function, (use the magnifying glass at the top of the TVP) clicking on the customer name opens the communication pop up as well.

There are even more places on the TVP where the customer name opens up the opportunity to electronically communicate with the customer.

Two new previews are available on the communication pop up:

  • The first one allows to scroll through the inspection results to make scroll preview
    sure they are complete. This preview is embedded in the ’email inspection results’ template and scrolling up and down shows all inspection results. Thus all details can be checked before the email is sent out.For details click on the image to the right.


  • The second one allows to preview the inspection result exactly how smartphone renders
    the motorist sees it on the desktop or smartphone. This requires the Failsafe mode to be enabled. Please see here to see how to set it up.Clicking on the title of the inspection results (here “60 Point Reliability Inspection”)  opens up a new tab on the browser and you can preview what motorists will see on their desktops or smartphones (just change the browser width).Please click on the image to the right to get a taste of how a smartphone would render an inspection result.


Build your own Message Template

Three types of templates are available to email or text to the motorist:

  1. A Generic Message,
  2. The Inspection Results, and
  3. The Pick-Up Notification

Define your own message template for each type and use placeholders for the first and last name of the motorist ([FN M], [LN M]), the service advisor ([FN SA], [LN SA] and the Year Make Model ([YMM]) as well as the Repair Order number ([RO]).

template for pick upA typical template for the pick up notification could look like the image on the left.

To create a new template, just change the wording and click “Save Template”. From then on the new template for this message type will be used.




You can see below, how this message will be rendered in one particular motorist’s inbox.

pick up template results










I am sure you will find ways of defining many unique templates for your business.