av-logo-square-not-transparentThe Pulse of the SmartFlow System

With the new release of SmartFlow V2.0 you will notice a pulsing AutoVitals logo on the banner. The pulse represents a properly working SmartFlow system. In case connection issues arise, the pulse turns into a warning sign and the system will try to reconnect automatically. If those attempts turn out to be unsuccessful, an error sign is shown. Then manual intervention on your or on our end would be necessary depending what the root cause is. It might just be a glitch because you reset the internet router on your end.


Here is how you can interpret and use the new SmartFlow Pulse:

  • The banner shows a pulsing AutoVitals logo: All systems are working normal
    pulse and reconnect
  • In case internet connection is temporarily lost, a warning sign appears. Clicking or tapping on it will reveal the last actions performed by SmartFlow.
    warning trying to re-connect
  • If the re-connect attempt is no successful within a few minutes, an error sign appears. The log will show the attempts to reconnect. Once the re-connect is successful, a pop up indicates the successfully restored connection.
    error trybing to re-connectrecovery







In case frequent re-connect attempts are necessary, please use the “report a problem” button to let us know about the inconsistent behavior. It will send us the logged information automatically.