High Speed Screenshots – Shared By Link

I have been asked how take screenshots and share with other folks easily.

There are dozens of solutions out there. We have standardized on two services, which work very well.

  • Google Drive to store the images and
  • SnagIt to capture and edit the images fast

Google Drive is a free service, which comes with every gmail account or Google Apps for Work. It also is available as executable for Mac and PC as well as mobile. So every device can be used to store and share any type of document.

SnagIt is integrated with many available storage service, such as DropBox or Google Drive.

Once Snagit is installed, configure the Google Drive account using your email address by clicking on settings,…

and then configure the default folder on your google drive where all captured images or videos can go (Yes, SnagIt supports video capturing as well). Make sure the google folder is available for access from anybody outside your gmail account.

Once finished, the Google Drive icon can be pressed to store any picture or video captured with SnagIt.

Once you have SnagIt installed it puts a red capture button into the upper right corner of your screen.

So. once you are on a page you want to capture a picture or video of you

  1. press the capture button
  2. select the window you want to capture
  3. press the Google Drive button, which stores it in your account, and puts the link to it on your clipboard
  4. paste (Ctrl V) a link to the image/video into an email or document.
  5. Done