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Optimizing Inspection Results

Select Your Configuration


In conjunction with the ability to add photo captions we also introduced configuration parameters, which control what images are shown in the inspection results. This allows for a wide range of configurations, from a super compact no-image result to a very detailed inspection result either for the motorist or for internal use in the shop.
This article shows the different options and their impact on how the inspection result is rendered to shop and motorist.



Options for Configuration


There are 3 options on the inspection settings page (image below). Make sure that #3 is set to web page only, otherwise this article is only of limited use for you. If option3 is grayed out then you need to enable the failsafe mode first, please go here for more details.

image options

Let’s focus on option 1 as well as 2 and add the ability to distinguish between notes for customers and for shop eyes only. That gives us three different options to show images with captions to the customer. The table below shows 4 different relevant combinations of settings, from A through E. Please remember that images not selected from the service advisor in the picture gallery won’t be shown at all to the customer, no matter what options are selected.

photo options

The most effective combination is option B. This assumes that the service advisor/techs add captions to all relevant photos taken and selected for the customer to be educated. If time is running out, option A is a safe option. For inspection results printed for documentation and to save paper, option C is best.

For internal documentation the Shop Eyes Only is selected by unchecking the “For Customer”, then all thumbnails and all images in the Appendix are selected.

Customer vs. shop only view

As described in this article and here, the use of ‘zzz’ allows the tech to distinguish between notes for shop eyes only and for the customer. Photo captions meant for the customer will be marked as ‘i’ on the embedded thumbnails, whereas photo captions for shop eyes only will be marked with an “!”. Please see below two thumbnails and how the text location in the picture gallery changes whether it is marked with ‘i’ or ‘!’.

i option 1

s option 1


 The Thumbnail Preview on the TVP

In order to get the overview what captions and images are for shop eyes only or for the customer the following different markers could appear

  1. Image is not visible to the customer
  2. Image with caption is visible to the customer
  3. Image has both types of captions (shop eyes only and for customer)
  4. Image has for shop eyes only caption

options for marker on TVP

Current Process

In the previous process, photo captions were not used. The ability of the service advisor to hone in on important problem area was not possible.

Best Practice
  • Enable your service advisor to spend time on add photo caption and select the option B, where only captioned photos are added to the appendix.


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