Edit Images in a Heartbeat

The latest change on the Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP) makes the service advisor’s life even easier.

Browsing the work order is now possible in a big floating window on the TVP. No close -reopen – close – open another WO anymore. The WO window stays open as long as you wish. You can do actions now in parallel. I predict that you won’t close the WO window anymore: just click on another vehicle title and the WO content refreshes in a heartbeat. Sending an email in parallel to an open work order? No Problem.


Browse and Edit Images

In addition we have incorporate the image browser and editor into the WO Window, no matter whether images are on the work order and the inspection sheet.

See the image below for an example using the inspection results report (Click on the image for more details). Clicking or tapping the work order button (1 in the image) opens the WO window with all information about the vehicle (2). You can see that all inspection topics are editable. Just click the pencil icon and modify the content.



Clicking on any vehicle image opens the image browser and editor.

Clicking/tapping on the arrows will allow you to browse the images per topic/job.


Using red arrow and circle elements as well as the dimming effect turns a great image into an educational masterpiece. Check out in the image below how using the dim effect turns the attention to the detail within the red circle. Note that editing an image will create automatically a copy. Changed your mind about what to highlight on an image? No problem, just open the image browser again and start over editing the original image.


Last but not least, often not all images taken by the technician will be used to educate the motorist. How to eliminate images from the inspection result?


Simply un-select the image and it will be marked as crossed out and not show on the inspection result for the motorist nor does the SmartFlow Add-On imports it.

Ready for increasing your sales using images? Ready, set, GO!