seoWhenever one launches a new website product, the first website is always the most difficult. When we were designing TopFuel we wanted to create a product that is as flexible as possible, as well as follows the trend of more and more focus on websites for local businesses. As usual, following our motto to select the most challenging project first we started with one of the most difficult website builds we had ever done.

Victory Auto Service & Glass in Minnesota is an amazing group of auto repair shops that has been working with us for a lot of years. It is a group of 5 auto repair shops, all in different cities. Their previous website was already a big challenge, but were able to get them around 100 unique new visitors from Google every week. If we wanted to make a big impact on the amount of potential new customers, we had to greatly increase the visibility of the site. As we see potential customers use the web more and more to find local businesses for searches we have not seen in the past at a high enough volume, we can expand the cities and services we promote an auto repair shop for. This led us to the goal of trying to triple the promoted specialties and double the promoted locations.

When we launched the website in early June, we had expected to see visible results in 1-2 months, but we saw the first wave of results almost immediately. We assumed that this was just the early wave of visitors, which always comes when a new website is launched. When the amount of new visitors through Google stayed steady at more than 200 per week for more than 4 weeks, we knew we were doing something right.

Now that we have one month of results, we see where we can further improve to reach our full potential, and we will be doing one more large update to increase the traffic even more. We expect the number of new visitors a week to triple. In the next blog post we’ll be talking about the great increase in the engagement of visitors with the site. In other words, not only did we double the number of unique visitors, we also kept them significantly more engaged on the website. Stay tuned.