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Combine Your Experience with Inspection Results

Digital Motorists educate themselves on Google and other educational sites about necessary repairs and maintenance work. Service Reminders are supposed to remind motorist of the last visit and reinforce the necessity of the work recommended 3-9 months ago. Traditionally that is done through extraction of text from the Point of Sales and put in an email or to a webpage, a link to is texted to the motorist. Compare the two examples to see for yourself. On the left, you see the traditional way. On the right one of our service reminders leveraging inspection results. They remind the motorist that the engine air filter was already dirty at the last visit, and has not gotten better since. Additional educational videos allow the motorist to find out why it is needed and what happens when not done. After being educated the motorist gives feedback by approving or asking for more information. Which one do you think gets a higher appointment rate? And what if the recommended services stem from a scheduled maintenance plan you have set up yourself, where you are in full control of the recommendation and for example use a BG based transmission flush every 70,000 miles for every vehicle equipped with automatic transmission? Then every time the plan detects that the service has been performed, the scheduler starts over and ALWAYS recommends the correct service to your customer. ALWAYS. You run campaigns specifically for specific recommended maintenance work and only motorists, whose vehicles are overdue on that specific work are being reached out to. And previous inspection results with pictures and measurement are used to reinforce the importance. Too Good to be true? This is exactly how our Customized Follow Up works. Retention Rates increases of 20% and more can be easily achieved by simply following the following instructions.


Setup1: The Canned Job Scheduler

You can find it on the shop management tab in the inspection settings. Once launched, it allows you to search/filter and easily define the service schedule for each canned job relevant for your maintenance program. see below for a defining the 120,000 mile service for all vehicle types.

Or let’s define a transmission flush with Mercon 5 for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

If there are additional specific vehicles types you want to define the service interval for, click the plus sign to create a copy and once defined, it just created a special case for those vehicle types.

Go through all relevant canned jobs and define them this way. Typically those will be 50-200 jobs. with the tool provided that will take you between 30 min and 2 hours.

Setup 2: Enable Inspection Results for Reminders

After you have specified the service intervals for your canned jobs, set up the ability to use inspection results for the service and appointment reminders, which creates the engagement for your customers. Go to MyShop->Predefined Jobs and select the check boxes as follows

  1. Add declined jobs (if your PoS supports it) to the appointment and service reminder
  2. Add recommendations from your PoS to the reminder
  3. Add recommended actions from the inspection is identified as not performed to the reminder 4. add only the ones identified as declined jobs 5. add all identified as not sold

Do NOT skip this step. it will enable a 20% increase in retention rate.

Best Practice: 

  • If your service advisor reviews the recommendations for the next visit before pick up, select 1 (if your Pos supports it), 2, 3 and 5.
  • If you just want a ‘set and forget’, please select 1 (if your Pos supports it), 2, 3 and 4.

Sources of Recommendations

Impactful Follow-UpNext-Visit-Recs have FOUR sources (not counting OEM recs):

  1. Deferred Work from the last visit (also called Declined Jobs)
  2. Newly added Declined Jobs from Diagnose and test results
  3. Newly added Declined Jobs from the inspection
  4. ‘Future Attention’ topics on the inspection

The first 3 are typically found in the PoS recommendation section, and some PoS have dedicated declined job sections (RO Writer, YES, MaxTraxx, MKey etc.)  in addition or exclusively (Protractor). We will call them PoS Recs from now on.


In order to recommend accurate work, we have added the ability for the service advisor to review all recommendations sent out as part of the reminder, while the vehicle is still in the shop. For this, we added the CRM tab to the work order pop up. It includes between 1 and 4 sections with recommendations: Pos Recs, Inspection Results, Future Attention and CRM Recs. The image below shows the Inspection results only

  1. The calculated annual mileage based visit and odo readings (13,000 miles if first time customer)
  2. The configured service interval /time determining the next visit
  3. Current odo
  4. Calculated Due Date
  5. Calculated odo at next visit
  6. Each category (here Inspection Results) lists its recommendations, which can be expanded by clicking the ‘+’ sign
  7. if it has a ‘C’ icon it means it is a canned job.
  8. by default all recs are included in the reminder for next visit unless there is a due date in the PoS we pick up
  9. The due date can be changed (see next chapter)
  10. If the Canned Job is already defined in the scheduler, the calculated next visit is shown based on the last time the service has been performed for this vehicle. If that date doesn’t coincide with the next visit, the checkbox for the next visit is automatically unchecked. If the service is overdue or has never been performed, the current visit date is shown.
  11. when clicking ‘More details’, inspection images and videos are shown
  12. Clicking on the concierge button will show the service reminder as it will be sent to the customer

With this tool, the service advisor will always be informed and can determine exactly what the customer needs at the next visit. The customer at the counter can even be present and scheduling the next appointment will happen for sure, since the sense of urgency is right there on the screen.

Review and Modify the Proposed Due Date

During the review, the Service Advisor might want to change the due date, the service interval (for canned jobs only) or define a new service interval for not only the vehicle in question. See below for the different cases:

When opening the pop-up, the focus and purpose is on determining the correct due date, which can be modified by several actions

  1. Select a service interval of your choosing (canned jobs only) and the due date adjusts based on when the last service has been performed. If the PoS has already a due date in its recommendation field, it will be shown first.
  2. enter the due date to any date you like
  3. Set the due date to 30/60/90 days out from the current date
  4. if this definition should be used for more than just this vehicle, then you can extend the Canned Job Scheduler from here as well (if the option allows you to do so)
  5. In case you made too many modifications, lost track or otherwise want to go back to the initial value, just hit the Reset link.

Once the due date is determined and is NOT the next visit date, additional reminders will be sent dedicated to the canned job in question.

Schedule the Next Appointment and The Personal Maintenance Plan

Click on the vehicle link on the tile on the TVP and go to Images and Documents. It will reveal a static link “Personal Maintenance Plan”. when clicked creates a plan for the individual vehicle, based on the Canned Job Scheduler settings and the recs for this particular vehicle. It will determine the jobs to be done for the next foreseeable future.

Once the vehicle in Ready for Pick Up, the ‘Next Appointment’ Button opens the exact same information as the CRM tab with the addition of a Schedule button. We recommend showing the reminder the customer will receive by clicking on the Concierge Button and then schedule the next appointment.

Easy, isn’t it?

Current Process

Currently, the contents of appointment and service reminder are hidden and take a lot of detective work to determine.


Best Practice

Setup your Shop specific Canned Job Schedule.

Configure that the inspection results are sued for reminders.

Expect a 20% increase in retention rate.

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