Service Advisor Huddle, October 2015

 Neil Reilly- Shapiro

To get the most out of the SmartFlow features, it is important to inspect ALL the vehicles that come in the shop!! There is a clear trend between having a 100% inspection policy and having a higher RO. What many don’t know, is that taking pictures during the inspection can make a critical difference.  Our Product Advisor Neil Reilly- Shapiro explains why taking pictures of the vehicle during the inspection makes such a difference. He also goes into detail about our onsite training opportunities and gives an important tip about the inspection kit that our onsite trainers highly recommend.

Check out the highlights to find out  the importance of 100% inspection policy. For more information, the full version can be seen below!

To hear Neil’s input on how your use of pictures can change the way you work, please watch the full version of the Service Advisor Huddle below:


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