Motorist Education Made Easy

Every service advisor, who uses Digital Inspection results successfully, knows the importance of three Es:

1.Educate the customer instead of force-feeding the information
2.Eliminate confusion, lack of understanding by showing pictures and videos
3.Electronic communication to reach the customer anywhere, anytime

What if the customer is on the go and has only their smartphone available?  Doesn’t that happen in 90% of all cases? Yes it does and here is the solution, released in the July Smartflow release.

The Power of Pictures

Pictures are worth a Thousand Words Dollars. The following extensions for the Digital Inspections and Worksheet are available:

New Configuration Features and Benefits

The most important, absolutely necessary setup is the creation of a Google Email and configuration of it in the Shop Management tab in your inspection settings. The details are described here. IMPORTANT: NONE of the new features described in here will work without the Google email address setup.

If you have already installed the Failsafe feature, you are good to go. If not, please create or use a gmail address as described below and enter the new era. All it takes is to create the new gmail address and set it up in failsafe mode. You don’t need to be logged in all the time even, just set it up. Why can’t we do it on our side without bothering you? Good question.

Email service providers have become so sensitive for any potential breach of security that even email addresses set up by us and used on your behalf are flagged as potentially insecure. The only solution, which works 100% is to have you create the Google email address if you haven’t done it yet. Let’s go and do it.

With the setup of the gmail address three benefits will be achieved:

  1. You have all inspection results (and in the future also the work orders) in an email account you own.
  2. The inspections results are coming from an email address you own (this is not possible otherwise without privacy and liability issues)
  3. You benefit from the whole set of features of a free Google email account

There are as many opinions on how to present the inspection results to the motorist as shops out there. With this release we support three options:

  1. Inspection topics sorted by status – good first
    this supports the best practice of giving the good news first
  2. Inspection topics sorted by status – severe first
    this supports the best practice of pointing out topics with the biggest impact first
  3. Fixed order of inspection topics
    Many shops teach their service advisor a fixed order of going through the inspection results with the customer. It creates more consistency and focuses on the work done first and then on the result.

Go to the Inspection Settings and configure it your way (Default is sort “by status”). If “by status” is selected then the order of statuses on the actual inspection sheet defines the ultimate order.

Check below 4 snippets of one inspection results report in different configurations, can you see your favorite one?

  1. ‘Sort by Status’ and ‘
  2. ‘Sort by Status’ and ‘
  3. ‘Sort by Topic’ and ‘
  4. ‘Sort by Topic’ and ‘


Your customer dictates the communication methods they are willing to accept and respond to. This solution gives you a medium to talk to your customers in a format they deem useful and convenient.

The result:  a simple method for you to educate motorists. You are able to make it as easy as possible for them to feel good about the information they received and authorize the jobs you proposed.