smartphoneMotorists on the Move

Inspection results show motorists the current state of their vehicle. Digital inspection results show more than just green, yellow or red. They show images of the state the vehicle is in, mint conditions as well as problem areas. Educational information including videos answer the two most important questions “Why do it now?” and “What happens if not done?”. The perfect vehicle health report, don’t you think? Proposals how to increase that health are explained and are waiting to be authorized.

The big question is: When do motorists want to see inspection results and make decisions?

Motorists are on the move, educating them at the counter has been often replaced by sending emails to their home or work desktop and lately to the smartphones when on the move. How can an inspection results report be presented so it is easily studied?

Check out the image below. It shows inspection results rendered on a desktop (1) as well as on a smartphone (2). Ready to educate the motorist.


How do you switch this feature on in SmartFlow?

  • Activate the FailSafe mode described here using a shop specific gmail or Google Apps for Work email address (If you use AutoVitals Retention Service, this email address is already set up)
  • Configure whether the inspection results should be emailed by web page, attached pdf-document or both in the inspection settings as shown below. Happy emailing!!
    pdf or link