Updating to Version 4.5

Watch this webinar for an introduction to AutoVitals Version 4.5 which released on September 22nd.

In this segment learn how to update to v4.5, learn which tablets are supported by AutoVitals and about upcoming updates.

Support by AutoVitals

If you are having problems with the new update or would like additional information there are multiple ways to get help.

You can get in contact with AutoVitals by:


Getting Started

Watch this video to learn about changes to the look and feel of the Today’s Vehicle Page in version 4.5. This segment will cover everything you will immediately encounter in v4.5.

Now on the TVP access:

  • Conversations
  • Shop Meeting
  • Reports

Changes to the Technician Tablet

In version 4.5 we have made 5 significant changes to the technician tablet screen. Watch this segment to learn how to navigate the technician tablet.


The Business Control Panel

The highly anticipated Business Control Panel is now live for all shops! To access the Business Control Panel click on “Shop Meeting” on the Today’s Vehicle Page.