The Google Places/Maps Listing implementation by Google has always been a source of glitches.
Since local search is such a big part of getting new customers in the door, those glitches have always been a big pain for small business and for us, since it directly impacts business.

The latest suite of glitches tops it all:

  • Phone numbers wrong or gone
  • Website URL wrong or gone
  • Reviews downsized to a few or all gone
  • Listings duplicates with wrong information
  • etc.

Worst of all, those changes can’t be correct simply by entering the Google Places account and changing the information, since it has been right there all along. Even an update of existing information might appear up to 4 weeks later, or in some cases never.

We can’t say yet when the nightmare will be over,  but we will do everything in our power to limit the impact of those glitches on your business. We are communicating with Google to request correction to the obviously wrong information, which starts bearing some fruit.

Stay tuned!