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Don’t you feel that your SMS Database contains so much experience, extracted from your past work, that this knowledge could make your technician and service advisor a LOT more efficient AND your customers even more satisfied?

If you agree, then please read on.

 Introducing the Electronic Inspection Job Recommendation

Starting with RO-Writer and NAPA TRACS, we not only show the inspection history but also jobs, part and even RO numbers on the tablet to the technician during the inspection with our EIS application. These jobs are jobs performed in the recent past in your shop at the same vehicle or vehicle type as the vehicle being inspected. Instead of transcribing some scribbled recommended action, the service advisor turns the technician’s recommended job immediately into an estimate. Cool, isn’t it?

1. Save technician’s and service advisor’s time since that job in question had been done already one or more times at your shop.

2. Let the technician adjust the work hours when needed.

3. Make the service advisor confident in recommending all jobs to the motorist, which have been discovered by the technician.

Below is what a service advisor would see on the screen.

brakes recommended job

Clicking “Read more” reveals all important information about the past job.

more info

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