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Win Back Lost Customers

Are you regularly working to win back lost customers?

If not, the time to start is now. A great lost customer email campaign is the key to bringing customers back into your shop. We would love to work with you to plan, create, and schedule your lost customer campaigns. We will work together to decide the content and timing of your campaign, and get it send out for you!

Contact your product adviser today to get started winning back lost customers with a We Miss You campaign! We will take care of the work, just let us know what to send and to who!



Lost Customers

A standard lost customer email campaign targets customers who have a vehicle that is overdue or severely overdue for service. The default lost customer parameters define a lost customer as one whose vehicle has not visited the shop for 12 months or 2 service intervals, whichever comes first (however, these parameters can be customized to your shop’s preferences).

Additionally, you can create a 1st Visit Lost Customer campaign that targets customers who visited your shop once and then never returned. More information on how to set these parameters is below.

Targeting Lost Customers in the Campaign Manager:

Send to “Regular” Lost Customers

We typically recommend you start with targeting motorists that haven’e been to the shop in the last 12-18 months, but have been in the last 2-3 years. You can adjust the definition of a lost customer as you wish though.

Or send to “New” Lost customers

What tends to also work well for a lot of shops is targeting specifically “lost NEW customers”. What we mean by this is a customer who came in for their first visit, but never came back. Many shops struggle with getting new customers to return, so sending a message targeted specifically at this crowd works well.

NOTE: These campaigns should be sent out either monthly or quarterly depending on your shops preferences.

How to Format an Effective Lost Customer Email Campaign:

1. Let the Customer know that their Service Matters: Begin your email with a greetings that shows your customers that you miss their business. For example: “We really enjoyed your last visit with us, but it has been a while and we miss you!”

2. Highlight the Benefits of your Shop: After greeting your customer, begin to highlight the services your shop has to offer. Additionally, you can choose to include technician certifications, warranties or general information about your shop. The purpose of the email is to set your shop apart from other shops and draw customers back in, so be creative!

3. Incentivize Customers to Come Back: It is important to include an enticing coupon for your customers to take advantage of. Coupons work by giving customers a good reason to come back into your shop and then a quality experience during their visit will keep them coming back. We typically recommend including a coupon that offers $25-$50 off any service of $100 or more, however you can include any coupon that works for your shop.

4. Include Eye-Catching Images: Be sure to include images to break up the text of the email and catch your customer’s attention. For example, you can include your shop’s banner at the top of the email and, then a picture of your shop/team at the bottom.




Does this work? 

When the lost customer email campaign is implemented effectively, shops have seen increases in the number of appointments schedule through retention campaigns and positive feedback from their customers. Below are a few examples of the results shops have seen using this campaign:

 Lost Customer Campaign Started in August

16 More Retention Appointments in August than July

 Lost Customer Campaign Started in May

12 More Retention Appointments in May than April!

Lost Customer Campaign Started in April

29 More Retention Appointments in May than April



Best Practice


Your shop should plan out in advance when these lost customer message should be going out and when. We will agree on these times with you and let you know every time it comes time to send them out again. At this time, we will review the results of the campaign from the time before to recommend if you should leave the campaign as is, or adjust to see better results.

Contact your product adviser today and let them know you are interested in starting a lost customer campaign. We will reach out and get your first campaign out the door ASAP!








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