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Our latest release (1.9, already in Google Play and Apple App Store, soon in Amazon App Center)  is adding so many new features, that we started a new page on our website, which is dedicated to the EIS releases and your feedback only!

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Lets look at some interesting benefits to the shop owner, who is looking for ways of measuring the business and going way beyond  standard inspection procedures.

  • Use canned jobs in the EIS so that recommended actions are in the same language as the service advisor uses for the estimate
  • Have the technician look at the inspection history and the job history and propose the best course of action
  • The technician effectiveness report allows the shop owner to identify under- and over-recommending technicians and helps inexperienced technicians to learn from highly experienced technicians


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The EIS standalone version including VIN scanning  or

The EIS, integrated with your Shop Mgmt Software .

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