Apple and AutoVitals have discontinued the support of the Ipad Mini1. Please check below

  1. How you can identify whether you are affected
  2. What you can do about it, and
  3. How we help in making the transition smooth

How can you identify whether you are affected?

Use one of the following methods:

  1. From the iPad settings menu, select General on the left, then tap About on the right and scroll down until you see “Model”. The following models are affected:


  • FD528LL/A, FD529LL/A, FD530LL/A, FD531LL/A, FD532LL/A, FD533LL/A, FD534LL/A, FD535LL/A, FD536LL/A, FD537LL/A, FD538LL/A, FD539LL/A, FD540LL/A, FD541LL/A, FD542LL/A, FD543LL/A, FD544LL/A, FD545LL/A
  • FE030LL/A, FE031LL/A, FE032LL/A, FE033LL/A, FE034LL/A, FE035LL/A, FE215LL/A, FE216LL/A, FE217LL/A, FE218LL/A, FE219LL/A, FE220LL/A
  • FF432LL/A, FF442LL/A, FF450LL/A, FF453LL/A, FF743LL/A, FF746LL/A


  • MD528LL/A, MD529LL/A, MD530LL/A, MD531LL/A, MD532LL/A, MD533LL/A, MD534LL/A,MD535LL/A,MD536LL/A, MD537LL/A, MD538LL/A, MD539LL/A, MD540LL/A, MD541LL/A, MD542LL/A, MD543LL/A, MD544LL/A, MD545LL/A
  • ME030LL/A, ME031LL/A, ME032LL/A, ME033LL/A, ME034LL/A, ME035LL/A, ME215LL/A, ME216LL/A, ME217LL/A, ME218LL/A, ME219LL/A, ME220LL/A
  • MF432LL/A, MF442LL/A, MF450LL/A, MF453LL/AMF743LL/A, MF746LL/A
  • PD528LL/A, PD529LL/A, PD530LL/A, PD531LL/A, PD532LL/A, PD533LL/A, PD534LL/A, PD535LL/A, PD536LL/A, PD537LL/A, PD538LL/A, PD539LL/A, PD540LL/A, PD541LL/A, PD542LL/A, PD543LL/A, PD544LL/A, PD545LL/A
  • PE030LL/A, PE031LL/A, PE032LL/A, PE033LL/A, PE034LL/A, PE035LL/A, PE215LL/A, PE216LL/A, PE217LL/A, PE218LL/A, PE219LL/A, PE220LL/A
  • PF432LL/A, PF442LL/A, PF450LL/A, PF453LL/A, PF743LL/A, PF746LL/A

2. On the back of the iPad under the protective case. Look for the model in the tiny text printed under “iPad”. The following are affected:

  • A1432, A1454, A1455


Why did it happen and What can you do about it?

When the iPad Mini1 was designed 4 years ago, Apple’s iOS 6 was the perfectly matching operating system. In the last 4 years more and more software capabilities have been added; so when iOS 9 launched in late 2015 the hardware resources of the Mini1 had been maxed out and thus impacted the user experience negatively. Subsequently, SmartFlow, as any other app with a rich feature set using new operating system features inadvertently, is about to outgrow the Mini1 hardware capabilities. In conjunction with Apple’s announcement to discontinue any support for the Mini1 with the release of iOS 10 in September 2016, AutoVitals will no longer support the Mini1 hardware and recommends an upgrade to the next generation iPad Mini, which can be ordered here .



How AutoVitals is helping you with the phase out

In order to ease the transition to the new hardware we will offer a special end of life SmartFlow application called “AV Mini1 end of life” expected to be in the app store by August 20th.

What’s different about the  AV Mini1 end of life:


  • It offers the features set of the SmartFlow app v1.15.3 and thus excludes the following features compared with the current version:
    • It does not support selection of OEM recommendations (they can be viewed but not selected)
    • It does not support audible alerts for new vehicle
    • It will not be updated with new features, nor will there be any subsequent releases for the Mini1, since it is a dead-end software.

In order for your technicians to work at maximum productivity we highly recommend retiring any first generation iPad mini’s for a newer device (check your iPad model here). You can purchase a replacement tablet direct from AutoVitals for $349 here and take advantage of our one year productivity tool warranty, which includes overnight advanced replacement of defective devices, once the defect has been proven to our tech support.