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When a prospective customer is on the go and looking for car service, they’re likely going to search for it on their phone’s browser. To the left is an example of an optimized mobile ad — it appears at the very top of the page, is large and eye-catching, and fills up your entire phone screen. When you need something fast, why wouldn’t you click the first thing you see? No matter how well a shop is ranking organically, you’ll always have to scroll past to find your mobile listing. Utilizing ad space is something to consider, especially to outrank the competitor who’d purchase that coveted first spot.

How much you choose to spend on marketing all depends on your shop’s individual goals — maybe you just need a handful of new phone calls during a slow week or maybe you need a few months of help to bolster a brand new franchise location. No matter what the case is, Mobile Google AdWords will get your name found. In today’s mobile-first world where people are searching for where they want to be next while they’re already on the road, Mobile AdWords is the next step any small business should take to give their shop an extra boost.

1. Google AdWords allows you to reliably reach your target audience

AdWords functions as a bidding system, as in you only pay Google when someone interacts with your ad. While you can pick and choose the exact keywords to be promoted for, competitors can select the same keyword profile. It’s then up to you to decide how high you’re willing to bid to win search page ranking. The option to be first is always a possibility, at the right cost. With this reliability, there are two situations where AdWords can be especially useful, especially from a Mobile approach:

You just started developing an Effective Web Presence

For new websites and businesses, it can take a few months to have a website organically ranking to it’s full potential as Google undergoes its indexing process. AdWords is a great workaround for new websites because you don’t have to wait around to see results. While working on your site’s SEO, you can put resources into an AdWords campaign and start getting impressions and clicks immediately.

You want to promote your shop for specific or seasonal Keywords

Even though you might have a website that ranks well organically — maybe even first position of a search engine results page — AdWords can be used to bring specific services and products to the very top of a potential customer’s phone screen. During slower months, it’s definitely worthwhile to invest in paid marketing for high revenue generating services and use AdWords to guarantee that your phones will keep ringing.


2. Google AdWords offers highly specific keyword campaigns

When choosing promoted keywords, you can decide how broad you want your matches to be. For example, a broad match for “auto repair” will allow your ad to appear for every query related to both “auto” and “repair”, while something like an exact match for “2001 Honda CRV oil change” will appear only for that specific search phrase. An exact match will weed out users looking for dealership services, car sales, parts, or DIY repair.

mobile adwords

AdWords also offers precise location targeting options. As a local business, you can specify a radius around the shop and insure you’re not wasting ad dollars on those who aren’t in your area. You can set radius targeting to both show your ads to people and exclude others within a certain distance to your business. Excluding locations brings your ROI up by lowering costs and targeting precisely the right people.

3. Benefits of Mobile AdWords over Desktop AdWords

Click-to-call Button: Rather than displaying a phone number, a click-to-call button converts your ad directly into a phone call

Location Extension: Connects your ad directly to Google Maps, so users can get immediate directions to your shop

Higher Conversion Rate: customers are engaged immediately and don’t have to click through a website

4. You can track and record your phone call conversions

At AutoVitals, we attach a tracking phone number to the click-to-call ad extension, which allows tracking and recording of all phone calls received from the ads. This helps to monitor the quality of mobile customers being engaged as well as the overall conversion of the raw leads, which is important when considering increasing ad spend or adding experimental keywords. Call Tracking is also useful in analysing the effectiveness of different ad groups over others and their ability to generate phone calls.

5. Mobile AdWords is cost effective

Mobile clicks generally cost less than desktop clicks, with more than 70% of weekend ad traffic on mobile devices and more than half of weekday traffic. The overall cost-per-click (CPC) is also not 100% dependent on a willingness to pay more than a competitor. It’s also very important to have good content to back up the ads, as Google’s designated “quality score” is a big factor in ranking. A scenario where a shop bids $5 and the competitor bids $10 can still place the shop in first position if it’s website content, ad text, and title are more relevant to the search keyword than the competitor’s. Over time, a good click-through-rate and consistently high quality score can decrease CPC. This means that having the same budget can create more and more clicks for the same cost.

Introducing the AutoVitals Mobile AdWords Service “Smart Mobile Calls”

For all of our website customers, we are now offering mobile AdWords campaigns built around the dynamic needs of a shop owner. If you’re looking to bring in just a handful of new customers to meet a specific revenue goal or completely ramp-up your new franchise shop, we can build individualized Mobile AdWords campaigns to meet these goals. Although you may have a well-ranking website that generates a lot of new customers, Mobile AdWords is a good opportunity to put high revenue, specialty services — like diesel repair, luxury make repair, etc. — at the very top of a search page. Hand-in-hand with a good website and successful SEO implementation, adding Mobile AdWords to your web presence strategy can make sure that your company’s name is on the forefront of online auto repair marketing.

For a client like Ron’s Automotive with franchises in Cascade Park and Hazel Dell, WA, and a specialization in both auto repair and collision work, AdWords was a great strategy to smoothly transition in a new website.

  • Over the span of 6 months, we were able to generate 270 converted phone calls, between both locations
  • Revenue remained consistent, despite the expected drop in organic ranking that would have drastically affected business for the Hazel Dell location
  • Campaigns were flexible to the needs of the franchise and easily adjustable — if one shop was busier than the other for the next few weeks, budget was adjusted to focus on the other location
mobile adwords report

There are no maintenance costs or high percentage rates that you find from other marketing companies; just a flat rate of $25 for each phone call that’s generated from the ads. Daily campaign monitoring, call reports, and regular checkins with our customers ensure that the most effective keywords are always being implemented. If you are interested in adding this service to your website, no matter whether it is from AutoVitals or a 3rd party, please contact our ad specialist, Alexis Ramos at alexis.ramos@autovitalsinc.com or give us a call at (805) 259 – 3184.