zoom into topicAutoVitals is entering a new era.

In addition to our focus on helping service advisors to interact with motorists effectively, we have uncovered great potential for productivity gains in the interaction between the service advisor and technician.

Surveys with shop owners revealed a productivity gain of 100% and more for technicians and service advisors.



Before I get into more detail, let me quickly announce our newest AutoVitals release 1.2.6.

We added a new feature, which allows the service advisor to enter drop-off and pick-up time to be able to be prepared when the motorist arrives at the shop. Both events will be shown in the shop calendar in Google.

Drop Off settingsWhen scheduling an appointment in AutoVitals the option to specify the dropp-off time is offered. Please click on the image for more details.
pick up timeWhen clicking on the customer interaction icon of a vehicle on the Today’s Vehicle Page the pick-up day and time can be specified.  Please click on the image for more details.
drop off time in Google calendarBoth, drop-off and pick-up time are shown in the calendar entry title, and a new calendar entry is created for the pick up time. This is especially convenient for a next-business-day pick-up. Please click on the image for more details.


The fully configurable Electronic Inspection Sheet
for iOS and Android tablets

Electronic Inspection Sheet on mobile tablet

A Typical Electronic Inspection Sheet
(Click on image for details)

Today’s world is dominated by paper based interaction between Service Advisors and Technicians. We are about to change this. Just use an iPad or Android based tablet, download our electronic inspection sheet application, use our website to select a pre-configured inspection sheet, modify it or start from scratch and all your technician needs to do is tap, snap, and talk. Once submitted, the service advisor receives an email with the results. Easy.

We would love to get first hand feedback from you on how it works in your shop!

 Did I mention that you don’t need to be an existing AutoVitals client in order to use this product? AutoVitals clients will benefit from the full, real-time integration with their shop management software, but even if you don’t use our other products, the electronic inspection sheet will be a big time saver. Check it out!