TopFuel Mobile FriendlyIs April 21st enough time to act? You need to hurry.

This post is not for owners of a smartphone, who are unfriendly. This post is for people, who own a website, which is important for their business and who, for some reason, have missed that Google will change is ranking algorithm on April 21st so that mobile searches are treated differently than before.

This change will be drastic.

Your (mobile) website might just not show up.

What is this about and how do you find out whether you need to act swiftly?


It is really simple.

  1. Enter your website URL below and Click Submit
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  2. If it is Not Mobile Friendly, ask your web-designer whether they can fix a mobile unfriendly site by April 21st.
  3. Take advantage of an AutoVitals mobile, responsive website and even keep your existing main website. Use the form below to contact us.

If you think “What the heck, Google, Moogle, Shnoogle, I have no clue what this is about” we can do 1.-3. for you.

Please complete for form below and we will contact you right away

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