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Well Prepared for the Customer Call

Service advisors (SA) are always busy with lots of activities and need any help they can get to make the approval phone call the best possible experience for the customer. It is very important to know whether motorists have already researched the inspection results and have questions about it or whether the service advisor has to start from guiding them to the email/text. Motorists with a high research time are also likely to approve more and do that right away once receiving the phone call from the SA or call back before the SA can reach them.

Introducing the Research time icon on the vehicle tile. In the image on the right, you see that the customer has already looked at the inspection result for 554 seconds (1), while the 20-minute timer for the SA has just started counting down (2). This is a highly encouraging indicator for the SA to expect a well-educated motorist, approving more work.

How is the time calculated?

The software accumulates the time a motorist is researching the inspection result on a mobile or desktop web page. Researching means that they scroll or tap on images and videos. If there is no motorist activity but the browser still open or inactive (another browser tab is active), the time stops being accumulated after 10 seconds. This secures that only active research time is counted.

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