Text_KeyThe answer is “yes” if you use one of the following shop software products:

  • Mitchell1 Manager (incl. SE), Manager Plus (incl. SE)
  • ALLDATA Manage
  • RO Writer
  • Pace’s YES
  • WinWorks

With the last release in 2012, our AutoVitals team added another important tool to your toolbox to keep up with your customer’s fast internet utilization pace, but without forcing you to buy a new shop management software.

AutoVitals Real-Time Integration

What features and benefits are available to you and your customers?

By adding the capability to retrieve the information from your database in less than 2-5 minutes (not once a day or once a week), we are able to offer engagement and convenience benefits to you and your customers, which no other shop management or marketing software is able to. Lets just check them out one by one:

  1. Data integrity
    All information updated in the shop management software is available in AutoVitals in no time, no duplicate entries needed and wrong or missing information is a thing of the past now.
  2. Internet communication
    Email, text messaging, and with the addition of the Mobile Application, sending a push notification to your customers, is easy. And when they have a response for you, it is right at the appointment on your Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP) and in your email inbox. Below is an image of a vehicle on the TVP with a text message alert for the service advisor to respond to. Just click on the “T” to read and reply to the message.
    Text message from Motorist
  3. Google Calender integration
    You can keep making appointments in your shop management software (or use AutoVitals for it). Our software will pick up the appointments and send confirmation emails/text messages as well as reminders to your customers. In addition, we have created a Google calendar for every shop, where all appointments are copied to. Just use your mobile devices to look up your shop appointments anytime, anywhere you go with your mobile device.
  4. Reminders for Customers with Appointment, who have not shown up yet
    If you are a seasoned shop, you create an estimate when creating the appointment. We will then remind you to call the customer to secure the appointment 30 minutes after the time the visit should have happened.
    call to confirm appointment
    At the end of the day the appointment is automatically put on the “No Show” list and taken off the TVP. Another way of putting the customer on the “No Show” list is to schedule the appointment back to the past Sunday in your shop management software. AutoVitals will automatically detect the re-schedule to the past. Having a list of “No Shows” will allow you and your service advisor to systematically call all customers, who missed the appointment.
  5. You and your customers can look up the complete Service History
    Just go to the vehicle and customer directory and look up the complete service history and let you customers know to activate their AutoVitals account. That allows them to see the complete service history with all jobs as well. Recall alerts make it to your customers’ inbox as well, once subscribed to that service.
  6. The Job Educator
    This feature creates one of the most valuable benefits of this release. Imagine your technician takes an image of the problem area of the car in the service bay with the smartphone, adds the license plate number and texts it to an AutoVitals email address. 3 minutes later the service advisor sees the image attached to the appointment and has already started writing up estimates for the customer. AutoVitals presents the estimated jobs and images and allows you to add educational videos. It will look like the one below (click on it to see the full image and go here for more details).
    estimate with images and educationl videos
    Send an email with the web page link to the customer and pick up the phone to go through the page with the customer. It will make your customer’s experience more trusting, educational and allows to motivate motorists to act on the real issues their car experiences.

Are you interested in providing these benefits to your customers? Do you feel your toolbox deserves an internet upgrade?

Please let us know by using the form to the right to have us contact you or just reply below. All features can be added easily to your AutoVitals service for a small setup fee.

Happy New Year to all of you!