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Step 1: Select Candidates based on Past Performance

Multi-Shop Dashboard


Step 2: Select up to 5 KPIs for up to 50 shops...

Multi-Shop Dashboard

... or up to 5 shops with up to 50 KPIs

Step 3: Create a Leaderboard on Toggle Switch

Multishop Dashboard

Step 4: Insights about Shop/Staff Performance

Multishop Dashboard

Step 5: Compare Staff Members

Multishop Dashboard

The Multishop Dashboard at Work

It has never been easier to skip the detective work and go right to the root cause. Even for multishop owners, trainers, and coaches. Check the slider images above for features and let’s use one example, which most shops like to achieve.

Low ARO for any of your shops? Here is the Recipe to Increase it

  1. Check the Motorist Research time
    • If lower than 240 seconds for a 50 MPI, your process needs to change
  2. Check the Picture Edit Rate
    • If lower than 30% (assuming you do a 4 corner initial inspection), the Service Advising process has to change
  3. Check the Inspection Sent Rate
    • If lower than 60%, your Service Advisor(s) are still in the old (paper-based) world and need training or a nudge, or both.
  4. Check the Inspection Rate
    • If lower than 60%, your techs don’t follow the SOP, don’t have one, or don’t see the benefit of a Digital Inspection
  5. Audit the Inspection Results
    • Look at them from a motorist (your customer) point of view (with limited vehicle knowledge)
      • Are the pictures marked up with the explanation of what is wrong and how to fix it?
      • If not, make sure the SOP includes instructions on how to do it for techs  and SAs

Use the Multishop Dashboard to identify the KPIs to improve

  1. Build the Multishop Configuration for your shops with the following KPIs
    • ARO
    • Motorist Research time
    • Picture Edit Rate
    • Inspection Sent Rate
    • Inspection Rate
  2. Monitor the progress manually (or set up thresholds to have the BCP alert you)
  3. Reward progress and/or set attainable goals for the next check-in