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Mobile Engagement Made Simple


Email is one of the most common ways of communicating. At least if you are a Digital Tourist or Digital Immigrant. Digital Natives seem to have left the email trail and prefer (snap)chat and texting. We are following their lead and eliminate the problem that email is very hard to render identically on all the different mobile devices by all the different email software such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook just to name a few.

So instead of designing a long and rich email including images so that the motorist has a pleasant experience, and spend hours doing so, we make it easier for you (and us) and build everything around mobile web browsers. They are way more standardized, have only a few variants (Safari and Google in essence) and allow for more engaging interactivity.

AutoVitals Communication on your behalf is now a 2-step process.

  1. Text and/or email a teaser text, create sense of urgency and make it the call to action
  2. The call to action includes a link to the mobile web page with high engagement

See below how our Campaign Designer and Manager handles the first step as text and the second as a web page.


In addition Service Reminders, Appointment Reminders, Inspection Results, Thank You etc. follow the same concept. DOn’t spen your time creating long emails. Make it short and sweet with the first and engaging with the second step. In the end, you get more engagement, which in turn creates higher approval and appointment rate.


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