EPISODE #60• MAR 18th 2020

Creating and Managing

Sizable Shop Growth 

Creating and Managing Sizable Shop Growth [Ep. 60] There’s an old saying that goes, “Growth and comfort can’t coexist.” In an ever-evolving industry like this one, shop owners and their staff understand this phrase as much as anyone. But in the end, oftentimes it turns out that the greater the challenge at hand, the greater the reward that will come from it. And it never hurts to get some help along the way. On today’s episode of Digital Shop Talk Radio, we have Adam Bendzick (Pro Service Automotive Repair, Prior Lake, MN), a shop owner who started his business by risking everything he owned to get his shop off the ground. Through lots of hard work and by learning from his peers and The Digital Shop professionals at AutoVitals, Adam turned his shop into a multi-million dollar operation, hitting goals he never thought possible. Tune in to see how Adam did it and some words to the wise for those considering getting started. Posted by AutoVitals - The Creators of The Digital Shop on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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