EPISODE #66• MAY 6th, 2020

The Digital Tech’s

Direct Impact On Work Sold

Episode Description


WHAT: Going digital can be a tough hill to climb if your staff isn’t on the same page as you. In Episode 1 of our 10-part series titled “Going Digital Is Going Places You’ve Never Been,” we are talking Tech Buy-In. As in what typical challenges your team can expect, how to overcome them, and what metrics you can use to track your progress.


WHY: On this week’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The reason your techs have a direct impact on the amount of work approved
  • Motivation techniques for your techs
  • How to lead by example – getting them to buy in with you
  • Best Practices to put your techs in a position to earn quick wins

WHO: Shop owners Ben & Nate Ramsey (6 Meineke locations in PA) join Tom Dorsey and Uwe Kleinschmidt from AutoVitals.

Digital Vehicle Inspections from AutoVitals have the ability to impact your bottom line, just like it does for the Ramsay Brothers' six locations. Let us show you how.

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