EPISODE #68• MAY 20th, 2020

The True Value of an

Effecitve Digital Inspection

The Value of an Effective Digital Inspection [Ep. 68]

The phrase “Lost in Translation” is one that no longer applies to auto repair centers that are masters of the Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI). On this week’s episode, we are going to show you:

  • Why customers prefer buying after receiving a DVI instead of being sold to over the phone
  • Metrics and milestones to prove how effective the DVI process can be
  • Techniques for staff buy-in because when techs and SA’s are in lockstep, almost any goal is insurmountable
  • Quick wins for your shop to capture the value of DVI from Day 1

Travis Sallee is  our weekly shop owner guest as well as hosts Tom and Uwe from AutoVitals.

Digital Vehicle Inspections from AutoVitals have the ability to impact your bottom line, just like it does for the Ramsay Brothers' six locations. Let us show you how.

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