How Recommendations from Inspection Results Appear on Service Reminders

As a best practice, we encourage you to include jobs in your Service Reminders that were recommended on the inspection report but not performed during the visit. There are a few configuration options based on how you use your PoS and AutoVitals. 

Configuration Options

To make configuration changes, go to My ShopPredefined Jobs→ and scroll down to Recommendations for next visit

If you want to include recommendations from the Inspection Report be sure to check, “Use recommended actions from inspections for the next visit” as highlighted below. Once that is checked you have three additional configuration options that are detailed below.

Recommendations listed under "Inspection Results"

You have the option to configure the recommendations that appear under the “Inspection Results” header in the CRM next visit tab in the three following ways:


  1. Detect critical items strictly by declined jobs: This includes any recommended action on an inspection that is both configured as a canned job and is marked as a declined job in the POS. 
  2. Include recommendations from inspections not sold: This includes any recommended action on an inspection that is both configured as a canned job and did not sell on the current work order.
  3. Include immediate attention recommendations: This includes any recommended action of topics with a status “Needs Immediate Attention” regardless of whether they are canned jobs or not. Selecting this option risks including items in the Service Reminder that may have already been approved and performed, because it will include all items from “needs immediate attention”.

For option 3, items are considered needing immediate attention if the status of the condition is “Needs Immediate Attention” or the “This status describes immediate recommended actions” is selected in the Edit Status pop-up on the Edit Inspection Sheets page (see image below).  


Recommendations listed under "Future Attention"

This section will include all recommended actions of topics with status ‘For future attention’ (see how the status is picked up below) if those recommendations are not mapped to canned jobs in the point of sale. If items with this status have been completed during the visit, exclude it from being sent on the inspection report from the CRM Next Visit tab of the work order pop-up.


“Future Attention” recommendations are picked up in the following two ways:

  1. The software automatically interprets a status containing the word ‘future’ as such status
  2. From the Inspection Sheet Edit page, you can define on the inspection sheet which status is future attention. See image below


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