Impactful Pictures Training Series

The following interactive series is designed to train you on how to take and edit pictures while preforming an inspection to increase approval rates.

Part 1 – Getting Started

This training series will help you learn how to take impactful pictures during an inspection that will help your customers make informed decisions about their car care. When you provide the motorist with consistent and informative inspection pictures, your approval rates will increase. Before beginning the series, make sure you have access to a technician tablet and that your Point of Sale and AutoVitals’ Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP) are both open so that you can follow along through the training series.

To begin the training series create a new work order in your Point-of-Sale and

  • Set the customer name to “Blue Steel”
  • Put your cell phone number for the phone number
  • Copy and paste WMWSU3C50CT541264 and use this as the VIN #
  • Create a labor line: inspection
  • Do not assign a technician in your point of sale



Part 2 – Pictures are Worth a $1,000

Part 2 of the series will cover the basics of taking a picture during an inspection in AutoVitals.

To practice taking a picture:

  1. Open the vehicle tile
  2. Click on the “Inspection” tab
  3. Click “under car”
  4. In the brake topic, click the camera icon to take a picture

Part 3 – Top Impactful Pictures & The Inspection Metrics Report


In part 3 learn how to effectively make the images you take resonate with your customers and result in increases in ARO.

In this segment you will learn:

  1. What types images resonate best with motorists
  2. How to measure editing progress and ARO correlation using the inspection metrics report
  3. The importance of frequent shop meetings to implement the picture policy

Part 4 – What’s Next


Congratulations on completing the Impactful Pictures Training Series! Click here to go to our next training series on How to Manage Motorist Expectations. If you have any additional questions, go to the Digital Shop Talk Facebook Forum to get quick feedback from the AutoVitals team and collaborate with other shop owners using AutoVitals.