selling at car deliveryIf you want to generate more repeat business, then there are a number of things you will need to do. You’ll need to deliver an extraordinary value, exceed your customers’ expectations at every touch point, and stay in touch with your customers after the sale. Over the years I have discovered that most service advisors have the right intent, and make their best effort to do all of these things. They want to do a good job, and they know that a part of their job is to help their customers see the value in their services. This is why they work hard at building value in their company and services when speaking with first-time callers. It’s also why they’ll build interest and value in their service recommendations, with the hope that their customers will agree with their recommendations, authorize the services, and then ultimately return. The top advisors in America not only understand this, but they’ll always put a strong focus on the benefits of their recommended services, rather than on the parts and labor. For example, when discussing the benefits of a brake service, they’ll tell their customers that they’ll have smoother and more responsive pedal operation, quieter braking, faster stopping and the peace of mind that they’ll have good, safe, and dependable transportation.

Yet where almost all advisors fail, is at the point of car delivery. We have discovered that this is where they’ll do a good job of reselling the customer on the services that were performed, and they’ll certainly schedule the customer’s next visit, but what they fail to do is this: They don’t discuss the benefits of the next service.

Here’s an example we can all relate to. You go to the dentist for a toothache, and they discover that you need a crown. The dentist then tells you that you have two options, and explains the benefits of each.  You like what you hear, and you make your choice based on the benefits that were shared with you. Then before you leave, the dentist tells you that you’ll be due for a checkup and cleaning in six months, and they schedule you in. Will you return in six months? Well, you might, especially if the dentist met all of your expectations. But when that reminder card finally shows up in your mailbox, you may hesitate for one simple reason: None of us enjoy going to the dentist, and the dentist didn’t explain the benefits of the checkup and cleaning during your last visit. If they had told you how this visit could save you money, help prevent other painful problems, and reduce the amount of time you’ll ultimately spend with your dentist, you would more than likely be more willing to return. I can only hope you agree that it’s no different with your business. If you want to see more return business, then do this…

At the time of car delivery, take just a minute or two to explain the benefits of the customer’s next service. For example, rather than just telling your customers that they’ll be due for their next scheduled service in six months, say something like this… “As I mentioned to you earlier, Doris, your next service is going to be a maintenance service, and it’ll be due in six months. Now the good news is, that service is going to help you squeeze every mile out of every gallon of gasoline, it’s going to help you maintain your warranty and protect the value of your vehicle, and it’s going to help you save time and money by preventing costly breakdowns.”

Although I can’t guarantee that your customers are going to return if you do what I am recommending at the time of car delivery, there is one guarantee that I can make you: If you take just a minute to explain the benefits of the next service to your customers, there is a strong probability that they’ll want to come back. On the other hand, if the only reason for them to return is because you sent them a reminder card telling them that they need to come in for nothing more than to spend money with you and to be without their vehicles for a day, then you’ve given them a really good reason to toss the reminder card… and not come in.

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