Using the Shop Code Follow Up (SCF) Feature

A few POS systems, notably RO Writer allow to set up service intervals for operations (jobs) so that reminders can be sent out. At first sight a very practicable feature, it has its challenges.

  • Allows a one-time  setup of service reminders for individual jobs (Operations in RO Writer)
  • Generates reminders automatically based on the settings

  • The same service interval applies to any vehicle type in the database
  • Might interfere with other CRM systems run in parallel
  • Service Advisor has to manually delete the Follow up operation, once it has been performed
  • Motorists receive reminders by email or mail based on the configuration in the POS (RO Writer)
  • Used by shops, which like automated reminders and save time engaging the motorist at vehicle pick-up
  • Motorist might be confused about the recommendation, since it has not been mentioned before the reminder
  • Service Advisors do NOT need to add the reminder manually to the recommendation
  • Service Advisors do NOT need to engage the customer at vehicle pick-up, since it is automated
  • Service Advisors do need to pay attention and delete the recommendations, once it has been performed at the visit
  • If not deleted on time, service advisor need to manage the motorist’s confusion about the inconsistency between recommendation and performed work

The critical success factors for an effective retention process are:

  • Educate the motorist about the need for the proposed service recommendation
  • Personalize the motorist’s experience to increase the trust in the recommendations
  • Reinforce the service recommendation at any touch point with the motorist (vehicle pick-up, follow up call and email, service reminder)
  • At vehicle pick-up, inform the motorist about the next action (e.g., receive a thank you email, follow up call, service reminder). It will set the expectation for the next communication and thus increase the opening rate of your email campaigns and the lowers the rejection rate of follow up calls.

The following factors influence the use of Shop Code Follow Ups negatively

  • Service Advisors have to monitor closely what recommendation needs to be deleted to avoid trust issues
  • The benefit of automation is offset by not setting motorist’s expectations at pick-up
  • Offering a one-size-fits-all recommendation, no matter the vehicle type, will create a trust concern on the motorist’s end, unless the education is able to create convincing reasons for this practice. Shops, which use one-size-fits-all service reminders successfully invest lots of time and effort in education.

Our Recommendation:

If your CRM system picks up declined jobs from your SMS and offers a driver behavior specific reminder system, the use of Shop code Follow Up is NOT recommended.