Shocks absorbers and struts influence the control and handling characteristics of your vehicle. They work in conjunction with the vehicle’s springs to dampen the bouncing motion of the vehicle as it is affected byImpact Rating road conditions. The energy is absorbed as a piston inside the shock pushes against hydraulic fluid. This restricts the rebounding movement of the springs.

Your shock absorbers or struts should be replaced every 50,000 miles or if a fluid leak is detected.

Driving with old or faulty shocks will lead to premature and uneven wear on tires, and increased wear to other suspension components.This reduces the handling ability of the vehicle and can cause it to become unstable possibly causing  an accident

Replacing shocks and struts on a regular basis and immediately upon indication of a leak will prevent premature wear of tires, promote even tire and brake wear, and reduce wear on other vehicle systems.

Repair ImpactFrom a safety standpoint since Shocks and struts control vehicle handling, your ride quality will be greatly affected. You would be uncomfortable and could possibly cause an accident endangering your life and those of others.

Because shocks & struts also affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, driving with adequate shocks will reduce your impact on the environment.