Larry's AutoWorks uses AutoVitals

Laurie and Larry Moore, Larry’s AutoWorks in Mountain View

In partnership with Shop Owner Magazine we have started the Web University a while ago.

As shop owners find quick answers to the never ending stream of questions about the fast pace changes and opportunities the internet has to offer,

in Part 3 we took questions from shop owners and service advisors and talk about mobile websites vs. mobile applications, check out new ways of using tracking phone numbers without confusing the Google crawler and more.


I am honored to report that Larry’s AutoWorks is featured in the latest Shop Owner Magazine Issue

Laurie and Larry Moore have been using AutoVitals for more than three years and the article elaborates on how adoption to change is key to Larry’s AutoWorks’ success.

“To be an effective shop owner today, you have to be willing to change. From cars that are becoming more complex, to advertising moving to the web, to customers ­becoming even more discerning, change in the automotive industry is the only constant. “The cars are changing so fast, and they’re so complex,” he says. “When I got into the business, I learned some of it just because we were doing it. It was mechanical, and if you broke something taking it apart, you realized, I can’t take it apart that way next time. You figured out how it worked and next time you fixed it right. With electronics, you can’t do that, especially on a customer’s car. So, really, the only way to learn — and to make money at it — is that you have to be able to diagnose it, repair it and return it to the customer in a timely fashion. Training is the key to that.”


What are changes you are faced with?

How do you master the computerization of modern vehicles?

How do you experience the need to engage motorists on the internet?